Best vehicle for a cross country road trip

best vehicle for a cross country road trip

Theres nothing more iconic than a summer cross-country road trip.

National lampoons vacation, the station wagon was a staple of cross-country road trip vehicles. But the old boxy eye-sores are a thing of the past, even for volvo a brand that has a history of being notably un-sexy.

The mclaren f1 might be one of the best sports cars ever made, but its actually road-trip ready as well. It has room for three inside, and theres even compartments for fitted luggage in the bodywork.

Have you ever wondered what the best cross country road trip map looks like? When it comes to travel distances, rare sights, destination amenities and unique highlights, we feel the michigan state university study nails the best road trip. The universitys own randy olson crafted a road trip map spanning across 50 stops.

These are the vehicles youd want to go the distance maybe even cross-country in. From the practical to the drool-worthy, from family-friendly suvs to classic automotive icons, here are the best road trips cars of all time.

I just completed an eight-day, 13-state road trip across the country in a very small fiat pop with a very large dog and a dear friend. Having just gotten off the road, im offering 17 essential rules to ensure an epic cross-country road trip.