Best vehicle for cross country road trip 2017

best vehicle for cross country road trip 2017

Theres nothing more iconic than a summer cross-country road trip.

The mclaren f1 might be one of the best sports cars ever made, but its actually road-trip ready as well. It has room for three inside, and theres even compartments for fitted luggage in the bodywork.

Summer is on the way, bringing thoughts of road trips and vacations. While you cant buy the epic wagon queen family truckster that chevy chase expertly piloted in national lampoons vacation, there are plenty of great options for your own adventures.

It commissioned a reader poll that found the best vehicle for a summer road trip is somewhere between a midsize crossoversuv such as the hyundai santa fe sport (23) and a full-size crossoversuv such as the honda cr-v or the mercedes-benz gle (21).

(thestreet) -- the great american road trip isnt dead, it just needs some tweaking. Getting out the map, seeing the country and sleeping where the day takes you is a grand tradition that the automobile is becoming less and less vital to.

Data scientist and road trip guru randy olsons mapped out the most efficient route to travel for the best family-friendly attractions across the u.

Best family cars taking a long trip on the road is one of the most enjoyable experiences on four wheels, assuming you have the right car and group of friends. We cant help much with the friends part, but weve compiled a list of the best cars to carry you across the country in style.

We picked the 10 best affordable vehicles for epic road adventures. We came up with 10 of the best road-trip cars you can buy today, most of which are available for less than 33,486,. The 2017 honda ridgeline could be the road-trip champion youve been waiting for.

These are the vehicles youd want to go the distance maybe even cross-country in. From the practical to the drool-worthy, from family-friendly suvs to classic automotive icons, here are the best road trips cars of all time.

Heres the road trip to la! Hope you enjoy it and thanks to every single one of you who have helped me get.