Best vehicle for family cross country road trip

best vehicle for family cross country road trip

Theres nothing more iconic than a summer cross-country road trip.

Long before the wagon queen family truckster appeared in comedy film, national lampoons vacation, the station wagon was a staple of cross-country road trip vehicles. But the old boxy eye-sores are a thing of the past, even for volvo.

Data scientist and road trip guru randy olsons mapped out the most efficient route to travel for the best family-friendly attractions across the u.

These are the vehicles youd want to go the distance maybe even cross-country in. From the practical to the drool-worthy, from family-friendly suvs to classic automotive icons, here are the best road trips cars of all time.

Summer is on the way, bringing thoughts of road trips and vacations. While you cant buy the epic wagon queen family truckster that chevy chase expertly piloted in national lampoons vacation, there are plenty of great options for your own adventures.

Road trips are an exciting way to travel, but for some, theyre an annnual tradition. Here, were counting down our favorite v8-powered convertibles, grand tourers, and efficient family cars for your highway exodus. Weve even included a few older models, none of which will break the bank.

I need an affordable adventure vehicle to travel cross country. For weeks, our family looked at cars, considering everything from the pontiac montana to the new chrysler minivans. He wants to take a cross-country road trip with his girlfriend,.

It commissioned a reader poll that found the best vehicle for a summer road trip is somewhere between a midsize crossoversuv such as the hyundai santa fe sport (23) and a full-size crossoversuv such as the honda cr-v or the mercedes-benz gle (21).

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Trying to decide if renting a vehicle for your next road trip is the right thing to do? Learn about the benefits of renting a car for a road trip. After days of deliberation, you finally decide on a destination for your family road trip. The location and activities are certain to be fun, but thats only half the story.