Best way to sew a patch on a hat

best way to sew a patch on a hat

Some dexterity with a needle and thread is all that you need to sew a patch on a hat. Patches, signifying schools, locations or emblems will look off-kilter if sewn on crooked, so pay careful attention to the initial placement. Use a fine quilting needle and a thimble for the sturdy patches.

Watch this demo on applying an embroidery patch to a hat using the patch kit, a hotronix heat press. The process is fairly simple if you have an embroidery machine.

There are many reasons why you might want to sew patches on your clothes. Primary reason why many youngsters consider sewing patches on their clothes is it is ultra cool. At times you just have to there is a hole in your clothing which is un-repairable this patch is now your savior.